biz strategy services

for every overwhelmed entrepreneur who’s thought, “damn, I wish someone would just tell me exactly what to do”

SPOILER ALERT: you don’t need more time.

you need a plan.

Whether we work together 1-on-1 or as part of a small group (more on both below) I use my Sweet P.E.A. Strategy (clever, huh?) to map out getting you from Point A (frazzled, overworked and with a million half-finished projects)

…to Point B (focused, getting shit done and enjoying a marg at happy hour humble bragging about your steady stream of customers who love ya)

What’s the Sweet P.E.A Strategy? I’m glad you asked! It’s my 3-step framework that goes like this:

  • PAUSE: we look at your biz to find what’s working and set goals

  • EDIT: we trim the fat (ie: stop doing what’s not working)

  • ACT: create a step-by-step plan to implement your strategy

Whether we work together 1-on-1 or part of a small group, you get a personalized road map + an accountability buddy (that’s me!).

end result?

The freedom & flexibility you dreamed of when you started your business. Can I get an AMEN?!

1-1 coaching graphic (1).png

1-on-1 strategy package

Let's dive right in, sister! 1-on-1 coaching is perfect whether you’re brand new and just starting out or you need help ironing out kinks / pivoting in your existing biz.

More Deets:

  • 12 Week Program

  • (6) 1-Hour Strategy Sessions (Virtual)

  • Action plan email after every session

  • Unlimited email and Marco Polo access to Phyllis between sessions - this means you get my eyes (and brain) on every single aspect of your business. Like a stalker but not so creepy.

This program is tailored made for you but some problems we might solve together include:

  • Feeling like you’re constantly chasing shiny objects in your biz but not really getting anywhere

  • Wishing you had a more consistent, organized approach to running your business

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list before the day even gets started

  • Feeling totally clueless about what next step to take


  • $2,700 (*Payment Plan Available)

small group graphic.png

small group program

Join the Unbusy Your Business Group Coaching Program if your biz needs TLC but with a more accessible price point. It combines the best parts of private strategy sessions + a mastermind + an online course. It’s legit bang for your buck.

More Deets:

  • 12 weeks (NEXT START DATE: SEPTEMBER 9, 2019)

  • Max 8 people

  • (6) group coaching video calls

  • (1) 1-hour individual video call (with action plan email)

  • Weekly virtual office hours for continued support

  • Membership in pop-up Facebook group for discussion

  • Weekly action assignments in the areas of Clarity (what's your next best step?); Clients (how to get them, wow them and keep 'em coming back); and Content (what to say and how to say it to build your brand)

  • 2 bonus workshops from visiting experts in SEO Basics to Implement Now + Branding and the Importance of Niche


  • $900 (*Payment Plan Available)


Hi! It’s me, Phyllis B.

strategy nerd and your new biz bestie!


ready? i thought so.

Fill out this neat little form and I’ll get in touch to schedule a complimentary Power Hour.

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I’ll give you 3 actionable steps and if we’re a match made in heaven, we’ll whip out our calendars to see when we can get started for real.

Not bad for a free call, right? ;)

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“Phyllis has been an AMAZING source of support as I've navigated the ups and downs of running my own business. She's a mentor, a sounding board, a friend, and the one person I can text with late night biz questions or rants."

- Jamie Yaeger, austinborn