overcome your overwhelm, once and for all.

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Are you spending hours researching online or sitting through webinars trying to figure shit out? Are you constantly busy doing all the things but still don’t feel productive?

Listen, sister. You didn’t start your business so you could work 24/7, am I right? Our Resource Library gives you FREE access to our fave tools and hacks for business so that you can finally enjoy the freedom and flexibility you dreamed of when you became an entrepreneur.

The Resource Library is updated throughout the year and includes:

  • Goal & Vision Worksheet

  • Biz Start Checklist

  • Branding Questionnaire

  • Blog Post Ideas Cheatsheet

  • Social Media Prompts Cheatsheet

  • Email Subject Lines Cheatsheet

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Oh, hey! In case we haven’t met…

My name is Phyllis Brasenell (friends call me P.B. which makes me super happy because, Peanut Butter) and when I’m not making snacks for my toddler, Bea, I’m helping other cool broads build purposeful businesses.

My special sauce is helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs unbusy their business and implement habits that take them from busy to productive.

Here’s the deal: I've started and sold my own successful businesses plus closed one down (real talk: I learned more from that “failure” than I did from anything else) and I still believe that running a business can actually be a damn good time.

Don’t believe me? Are you lying awake at night stressing about your biz? (I’ve totes been there, btw). Wondering how you’re going to get it all done? Then clearly we haven’t worked together yet.