i don’t like shit to be complicated.

Also, I totally don’t look like this when I’m drinking coffee. So imagine me in yoga pants, barefoot, with food stains on my shirt and you’ll get a better idea of how I roll.

Okay, anyway. If I haven’t said it before: I’m glad you’re here! My name is Phyllis B. (the B is for Brasenell, btw) and I’m an entrepreneur, professional hype girl, toddler mom, and overuser of emojis.

I’m a strategy nerd (but I have tattoos because ya, know, balance). As a business strategist I help entrepreneurs implement action plans for growth that actually uncomplicate their business.

Alternate caption: Simplify. Streamline. The whole “work smarter not harder” thing.

Whatever you call it, I help entrepreneurs get off the busy struggle bus. Beep beep!

We’ll be biz besties if you’re ready to:

  • STOP chasing shiny objects in your business

  • GO from busy to productive

  • FINALLY get the freedom & flexibility you dreamed of when you started your biz

And honestly, we’re not a good fit if:

  • Fiddlesticks is the strongest curse word you can hang with

  • You like being on hamster wheels (no disrespect to hamsters, it’s really all they’ve got)

Email me with any questions (it’s really me over here!) or check out my STRATEGY SERVICES to get this party started!