About Phyllis B. and The Saucy Mama Co.

Hey, mama! First of all, I totally don’t look like this when I’m drinking coffee. So just imagine me in yoga pants, shoeless, with food stains on my shirt, and a toddler running around and you’ll get a better idea of how I roll.

Okay, anyway. If I haven’t said it before: I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Phyllis B. (the B is for Brasenell, btw) and I’m an entrepreneur, toddler mom, and overuser of the unicorn emoji. I’m here to get aspiring and new Mompreneurs off the sidelines with coaching, courses, and community.

I’ve started a few businesses (my very first was when I was 16 and my mom was my first employee, true story! fyi - she’s totally the best because I didn’t actually pay her). I sold one biz for profit, closed one at a loss (womp womp), and successfully grew another with a couple big ass pivots along the way (hello, Saucy Mama Co.!)

Why tell you all this? Because I want you to know the reason I love coaching other mompreneurs is getting to share what I’ve learned over the years to save you time, money, and energy which means you can actually enjoy freedom and flexibility in running your biz.

I believe…

  • that motherhood is actually your superpower in business

  • in changing your mindset around what's possible (spoiler alert: ANYTHING)

  • that intuition and spreadsheets can coexist

  • in the power of systems/habits/a plan to maximize your time and keep you focused/organized so you can do your good work without losing your shit

    If you’re ready to…

  • STOP chasing shiny objects in your business

  • GO from busy to productive

  • START chipping away at your goals, one actionable step at a time (have no idea WTF your next step is?! That’s okay. It’s what I’m here for)

Then email me with any questions (it’s really me over here!) or check out my COACHING and COURSE info to get this party started!