remember when you thought starting a business would be fun?

...exciting? A little rebellious even? You’d get freedom & flexibility (do school drop-off then yoga before ever cracking an email? HELL YES) plus a little smugness when other people talk about being chained to their desk (sorry 9-5ers, just being honest).

Except there’s one minor detail: you’re a little overwhelmed trying to get your brilliant biz off the ground.

do you…

  • Keep taking online courses and webinars and reading all the articles but still have absolutely no.damn.idea. what strategies apply to you? And even if you did, how to implement them?

  • Find yourself constantly trying to crack the code on social media? And worse, just when you think you’ve figured it out the rules change AGAIN.

  • Swear you’re always working yet somehow not getting the customers or revenue you want?

I’ve been there, too. And here’s the truth nobody wants to tell you:

You don’t need more social media channels or paid Facebook ads. No bullshit? You don’t even need more time.

You don’t need MORE of anything. What you need is a PLAN. You need a customized road map and simplified marketing strategy that takes into account your unique strengths. That’s where I come in. 

My name is Phyllis Brasenell but you can call me P.B. (which would make me so happy because, peanut butter). I’m an entrepreneur, professional hype girl, toddler mom and overuser of emojis.  

As a business coach and marketing strategist my special sauce is helping entrepreneurs algorithm-proof their business.


"Phyllis is a real live badass. She is unabashedly herself while also holding space for you to be unabashedly yourself. Her undying support, unique perspective, extensive experience, and deep reservoir of information and resources have been an integral part of my journey from an overwhelmed working mom of two to a happy, healthy and successful podcaster and budding entrepreneur."

— Katy Oliveria, collegehood advice


Inspo to light a fire under your ass

get it, girl.